Medium length fiction - 60min
Charly is actually called Charlotte. Charlotte lives only according to the expectations of others and flees from any confrontation. Before anything gets her life out of hand, she escapes. She escapes from an impending separation and runs from one encounter to the next. On her way back to her fiancé Robert and the search for a charging cable to reach him, Charlotte meets a wide variety of characters who push her more and more to her limits. Be it a confused man in the forest looking for his missing child or a truck driver who adores a pin-up girl. They are all permeated with life's lies, but help Charlotte on her way back to herself. Finally she learns to pause and to feel herself again.
Director - Alisa Kolosova, Producer - Luisa Beuschlein, Script - Zoe Hagen, Editing - Lukas Sydney Loßdörfer, Production Design - Lea Preusse, Gaffer - Thorben Winkler, Colourist - Zoltan Geller 
Sponsored by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW​​​​​​​

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